Course Schedules

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Spring 2015 Registration & Policies (PDF)
Summer 2015 Registration & Policies (PDF)
Fall 2015 Registration & Policies (PDF)
Schedule Grid (PDF)
Check WebAdvisor for most recent schedule information.
University College - Wesleyan Advantage and Graduate Programs
Wesleyan Advantage - Lincoln
Summer 2015/Fall 2015 (PDF)
Spring 2015/Summer 2015 (PDF)
Wesleyan Advantage - Omaha, Clarinda, Council Bluffs
Summer 2015/Fall 2015 (PDF)
Spring 2015/(tentative) Summer 2015 (PDF)
Master of Arts in Historical Studies (MAHS)
Contact the MAHS program for schedule information.
Graduate Forensic Science (MFS, MSFS)
Summer 2015/Fall 2015 (PDF)
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
See the Wesleyan Advantage Schedule for Lincoln or Omaha.